Almost everyone owns a cell phone in modern society.  Now more than ever it is important for businesses both large and small to have the ability for processing credit cards on-the-go.  Our mobile products are compatible with a large variety of smartphones and their respective operating systems.  In addition, you are not limited to a specific wireless service provider.

With one simple application download, you can accept credit card payments remotely! Here are some of the benefits and features that our mobile solutions provide:

  • The ability to swipe credit cards on your phone using a simple card reader
  • Voice 2 Text software feature that translates voice into text
  • The ability to email receipts to your customers
  • Accessibility to transaction history data
  • Ability to manage payments from your phone
  • Optional AVS (Address Verification System) entry when processing payments

Mobile payment processing is a must for anyone doing business remotely such as contractors, house cleaners, lawn caretakers, door-to-door sales persons and more!

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