Payment Processing

Payment Processing with Your Business at Heart

Recent comment from a restaurant entrepreneur: “If I had a nickel for every merchant services sales person I’ve seen, I wouldn’t need to sell food.” Stop wasting your time interviewing other processing vendors and trying to compare their “apples and oranges” fee schedules to save money.

Sales Sense Payments is head and heels above any national or local payment processors you’ll ever consider. Seriously.

We offer you six priceless advantages that other processors cannot match: 

No fees.

The pricing we discuss on our first visit is what you’ll see on every statement. No hidden fees, no extra charges. No surprises.

No contracts.

Stay with us because you save money and we partner to help your business grow, NOT because you’re locked into a 12 or 24 month contract. We want you to work with us because you’re happy, not chained. 


We know the market environment and pressures you cope with every day because we experience them daily too. We understand and we become your trusted payment-processing advisor. 


Our focus is in the Rochester/Western New York region because our lives and hearts are here. What’s good in New York City or Chicago doesn’t mean it’s right for Western New York. We know this area’s unique business market and we can help you make the best business decisions for your company. 


As one of the elite Certified Payments Professionals™ (CPP) admitted by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), this accreditation verifies and affirms our industry knowledge and professional competence. 


Our experience with payment processing spans two decades – decades during which credit card transactions moved rapidly from manual to mechanical and then to electronic processing. We know the industry. We know the Western New York business environment. Our commitment to you is to serve you personally every day, applying our expertise to help your business grow and thrive. 


  • Mobile Point of Sale (POS) 
  • Virtual terminals 
  • Touchless/Wireless/Networked POS terminals 
  • Integrated processing gateway 
  • Build in encryption and tokenization

Contact us today at (585) 672-6381 to get more information about how your business can benefit from Sales Sense Payments’ dedication to its customers.