Local Support

We Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

It’s annoying when you visit a store and they manually write your purchase because “their computers are down.” Not only is it annoying, but also your personal information is vulnerable and you take it on faith that they crosscut shred the paper on which your data is written once the computers are back up.

That won’t happen when your payment processing is with Sales Sense Payments. Our support team lives and works in Western New York; we make a solemn commitment to provide you with total support and service when needed. We share your crisis until it is resolved and your business is running smoothly again.

We back our local support commitment with our Ten Point Guarantee, the foundation and moral compass governing our relationships with our valued customers. This ever-evolving guarantee spells out our constant focus on your total satisfaction.

1. NO Setup Fees

We want to make it easy to do business with us. So we charge no setup fees to get your account running. We set you up; you work on and in your business, and everyone is happy.

2. NO Contract

When you’re contractually forced to work with someone, it’s not enjoyable. If you aren’t happy with our service and the rates you are paying, you can cancel at any time. We work to keep you happy; this makes no contact necessary.

3. NO Monthly Minimums

Virtually every business has slow months and dynamite months. We don’t punish you if customers are not knocking down your door some months. We do not have a monthly minimum sales volume. Ever.

4. NO Batch Fees

We make your daily operations and credit card processing as easy as possible. Therefore, we have removed batch fees – any fees, really – from the equation. Our intent is to stop the nickel-and-diming associated with merchant services.

5. FREE Training

We will be there to get you and your staff trained and proficient in the transaction process so you’re not learning (fumbling) in front of customers after we leave. Did we mention it was free?

6. The Customer Rules

A good customer referral is worth its weight in gold. So, our entire objective is to offer you great products and deliver tremendous service. If you are happy with us, other businesses will hear about us from you or our partners. Then we all can be happy.

7. Transparent Pricing

We have a straightforward pricing plan, and you will see everything you’re being charged on your statement. You’ll also see what we make from our relationship. It doesn’t get any more transparent than that, does it?

8. NO Hidden Fees

Maybe it is obvious after we pledge Transparent Pricing but we want to make sure you truly understand. There are no fees in our Perfect Vision 20/20 plan tucked into illegible fine print or included with no explanation. No hidden fees. Period.

9. Service Trumps Everything

We are fanatical about our pledge of tremendous customer service. We know we are offering your company the best possible credit card processing services at the best price. Then we can both bask in our success and focus on business.

10. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We want to make you happy and create a lifetime partnership with you!

Let’s talk.

Let’s talk in person so you can ask questions and see for yourself how we run our business to your advantage. Please call (585) 672-6381 or contact us here.