Gift Card/Loyalty

The benefits of a gift card program are easy to see once you’re in the game… increased sales, improved cash flow, and promotion for your business. With most consumers either purchasing or receiving gift cards, getting in the game today will give your customers the choices they want now and keep them coming back.

Increase Your Sales

Gift cards get people in the door and get them spending. Consumers often end up spending more than the face value of the card; so on a $50 gift card, a consumer could get “that something extra” and end up spending a lot more.

Improve Your Cash Flow

Gift card funds stay on the card and in your bank account until the card value is fully depleted. And there’s no need to refund cash on unused balances. The bottom line is that your profits stay in your store and improve the cash flow of your business.

Promote Your Business

The benefits of a good gift card program go beyond sales and profits. Gift cards promote your business and drive store traffic. They’re like mini billboards, reminding customers about your business every time they open their wallets.

Gift and Loyalty Cards are an easy and great way to increase your merchant’s sales.

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