Rochester Banks & Business Organizations: Become a Partner!

Wanted: Easy Money

Professional and business organizations – such as Chambers of Commerce, civic groups, banks, CPA firms and fraternal associations – face a common dilemma every year: rising costs and flagging memberships. If you raise fees, some members will jump ship; if you don’t raise fees, you operate on a razor-thin profit margin or at a deficit. Regardless, neither scenario is sustainable for the long term.

So what if you could avoid the fee dilemma and offer your members a new service at the same time? Our online credit card processing service has terms advantaged for you as the supplier. We help your organization make money with virtually no effort on your part − without raising fees.

Even if someone leaves, your organization continues to earn income as long as they use Sales Sense Payments for their credit card processing. Our merchant satisfaction rating is over 95 percent so their loyalty to Sales Sense Payments is assured. 

Here’s how it works: your organization refers your members to Sales Sense Payments. When they start processing transactions with us, you share in the revenue stream. Your organization receives money that increases with the number of transactions. And you benefit financially from their transactions even if they leave your organization.

We take partnering very seriously at Sales Sense Payments. Let’s sit down and see if this arrangement may be the lifeline for your organization. Please call Sales Sense Payments at (585) 672-6381 or contact us here to arrange a convenient time to review our unique approach to your success.